Quin the crazy bunch

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The Crazy bunch

Quin is made of a passionate team of designers, engineers and most importantly tinkerers. We are revolutionaries, thinkers, creatives, hackers, makers, tinkerers, technophiles and an all-around-pretty-awesome team of people.

Our team exists to innovate. Together, we bring together a wide variety of skills and passions that challenge, blend, contradict, and compliment each other. We prize hard work, and a belief in the impossible. 

Anirudha Surabhi Rao (Ani)

CEO, Director of Innovation & Design

Ani is our award-winning nerd, and leader of the Quin Stormtroopers. Ani is never not "at work" with his best ideas often coming in the middle of a Star Wars movie or on the back of a horse. He has a passion for working with his hands, and solving problems to make life better. He wakes up to change the game.

Hannah Priya Surabhi


Hannah has always thought that "doing good" just makes sense. This has led her to "do good" at leading campaigns, causes, projects and teams.  She brings both creativity and structure to the Quin team. She ensures that all Quin does is ethical, sustainable, and logical. As the only girl on the team so far, she also helps keep the boys line.  

Atul  Nandan

LEAD ENGINEER                              

Atul is Quin's rockstar engineer. He is a Design Engineer with diverse experience in designing and developing products in fields ranging from Automotive to Furniture.  Atul loves to cook ... and eat. He also loves to make others smile. The only things he really doesn't like are pollution and climate change. Good guy all round. 

Ameer Sohail

Electrical Designer                     

Ameer is a specialist in embedded systems, and an all-round, major geek. He is our resident mad scientist, always pulling things apart and reconfiguring. It's rare that his work bench isn't covered in an array of wires and gadgets that only he can understand. Ameer is indispensable in the process of taking things to the next level.  


Diversity Matters

Quin Team University

Our team has a diverse background of experience and expertise. Our office community is led by our international experience, obsession with aesthetics, love for the earth, passion for social good, and insatiable desire for innovation and improvement.