SpitFire - Rosso

SpitFire - Rosso


The Quin SpitFire 

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The Quin SpitFire is an aggressive full face helmet perfect for suiting up with either your leather jacket or wool blazer. Equipped with Intelliquin smart technology, the SpitFire brings safety up to date with the 21st century. 

  • Intelliquin Smart System

  • Clear Wind Shield

  • DOT, ECE

  • 2 Color Options

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The Quin SpitFire

Inspired by the Spitfire Jet, a stunning example of design and engineering. The Spitfire Jet and Helmet share aggressive, yet refined exterior lines, and simple design. The black, yellow and red harken to the devils who are brave enough to push the boundaries.


  • Crash Detection and Response System, SOS Beacon and Response System
  • Bluetooth 4.0, invisible integration 
  • Lithium Ion Battery, 6-8 hours non-stop use, 60+ hours standby 
Quin SpitFire Rosso Intelliquin
Quin SpitFire Rosso Ventilation.jpg


Thermoplastic with a polyester resin and a polystyrene lining.

Quin SpitFire Rosso.jpg

Invisible Integration 

No wires, no knobs or dials, no bulky add ons. Just smooth lines of beautiful design. All Quin technology is completely invisibly integrated. The circuitry is contained in special water-proof housing within the helmet structure, making the tech resistant to wear and tear. 

Quin SpitFire Rosso


Luxe-matte finish, minimalist graphics, classic racing stripes and color-matched quilted lining. The Quin SpitFire is aggressive, stylish and versatile. Which one is your favorite, the Rosso or Nero? 

Quin SpitFire Rosso Helmet