Intelliquin Smart System

The IntelliQuin Smart System makes Quin the first motorcycle helmet to offer integrated Crash Detection and SOS Beacon. The features are focussed on the rider's needs, ensuring that distraction is never a part of their ride.

IntelliQuin delivers modern safety essentials. Nothing more. Nothing less. Quin helmets and technology are designed as a system, so there are no add ons necessary. This makes the Quin system one of a kind, unobtrusive, intelligent and minimal. 

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Quin Arc Chip

The heart of the IntelliQuin System. Designed and Developed by Quintessential Design, the Quin Arc Chip uses Bluetooth 4.0 protocols to communicate with the sensors on the helmet as well as those in the rider's smart phone. 

This little chip, and its ability to coordinate between the tech in the helmet hardware and the tech in your phone, is what makes the IntelliQuin Crash Detection the most reliable and complete safety system out there. 

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Crash Detection

IntelliQuin Crash Detection is the first ever crash detection system integrated with the helmet hardware. Every Quin helmet has an integrated accelerometer that is a part of its proprietary circuitry and corresponding algorithm for detecting and measuring a crash.

The helmet integration component is the most critical factor in the reliability of the Quin Crash Detection system.

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SOS Beacon

IntelliQuin SOS Beacon provides live-tracking of a rider who is in need of help on-the-move. This is particularly appealing for riders living in less safe geographies where crime or harassment are high.

Both Crash Detection and SOS Beacon come with their own protocols for triggering the optimal emergency response.


Always evolving

The IntelliQuin smart technology is always evolving, and delivers new features over time. DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) is built into the technology so that any software updates, new features, or bug fixes can be rolled out by simply plugging your helmet in through the integrated micro-USD cable.