Marketing Intern  

Our interns don’t fetch coffee. 

We are always looking for passionate, talented, and ambitious interns who are ready to get their hands dirty with real work that they can be proud of. It helps if you’re obsessed with bikes.


Quintessential Design (you can call us Quin) is looking for an outstanding intern to join the Marketing and Communications team. 

Marketing Intern Areas of Impact

  • Building a bad ass brand: develop creative concepts to drive brand growth and recognition
  • Achieving sales targets: develop strategies to turn riders who have never heard of Quin into Quintemen
  • Market research and analysis: know the competition, and help position Quin to stand out from the crowd  
  • The every day stuff: assist with daily administrative marketing tasks



  • Push the limits of your own creativity every day
  • Think about the one - that one rider who hasn’t heard of Quin yet - and figure out how to reach them
  • Study consumer conversion like your life depends on it, and help us convert page visitors into buyers and/or champions of Quin
  • Become an expert on everything related to safety and transport, and develop marketing strategies to reach riders with convincing edutainment 
  • Prepare design-focussed promotional presentations that say “not another boring deck made by a “hip” business student” from the first slide
  • Bring energy and creativity to the marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail and web)
  • Be passionate about showing results, collect quantitative and qualitative data from marketing campaigns 



We don’t care about your degree. Really, we don’t. We care about your passion, talent and drive. 

You love design.

You are highly proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, in particular Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You are on top of latest design trends, and thrive off of the unlimited creativity that your skills give you. You love being original, and hate copying or replicating. 


You’re a whiz at digital marketing. 

You’ve been an admin on social media pages before, and already contribute on popular sites like Reddit. When it comes to sharing content online, you know the drill. Social media, content syndication, SEO … none of this is new to you. There will be a lot of scope for learning on team, but you are already confident in your ability to contribute in this arena. In fact, you’ve already got a few recommendations for how we can improve our online content. 


You’re an excellent communicator. 

Every part of marketing from design to writing copy requires excellent communication skills. Whether it is communicating with your team to ensure a project goes smoothly, or designing communication collaterals to reach riders, this skill is of paramount importance. You know how to be convincing, direct, and professional. You always see criticism as constructive. 


You’re not just driven, you can drive your own bike.

You are committed to the mission of making essential, simple, innovative and harmonious designs that improve people’s lives in practical ways and are aware that bringing a product to life requires tremendous effort and creativity. You know that your role on the Marketing and Communications team requires a wide variety of hard work. You welcome the challenge. You are a self-starter and take initiative on any projects assigned. You are not afraid to admit mistakes and you fix what you can right away.


You’re up for the challenge. 

If you’re given the tools and the time to take on a few creative task, you’re already ready to dive in. Photography, filming, video editing, you’re up for any creative challenge, and can’t wait to learn new skills. 



You’ll commit for either a 3 month or 6  month internship. You will be eligible for consideration for a full time roll at the end of your paid internship. 

Please apply by submitting your CV along with your portfolio to atul@quin.design. Having a portfolio of work is required.